The PHOOTONICS project is dedicated to creating innovative, reliable, and cost-effective photonic-driven devices specifically designed for monitoring and managing Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU). PHOOTONICS brings forth two key versions: the PHOOTONICS In-Home and the PHOOTONICS PRO.


PHOOTONICS In-Home, intended for patient use, includes an optimized low-cost IR sensor with embedded signal/processing tools. It’s designed to boost resolution performance, reduce noise, and deliver high-level decision-making mechanisms, providing patients with a convenient at-home monitoring solution.


PHOOTONICS PRO is geared towards professional use by physicians in clinical settings. It builds upon the In-Home version, integrating an optimized HSI sensor with an IR hyperthermia photodetector, a Mid-IR Sensor, and an HSI illuminator. This version provides additional measurements of tissue properties while maintaining affordability.

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