OCEANIDS aims at building user-driven applications and tools, which act as an enabling technological layer for regional authorities & stakeholders in order to achieve a more resilient and inclusive systemic pathway to a Blue Economy in coastal regions. Under a single-access window platform for Climate- Informed Maritime Spatial Planning (CI-MSP), the project will allow a more integrated seascape management of coastal regions. The over-arching concept is to collect, harmonise and curate existing climate data services, making data accessible, reusable and interoperable for the development of local adaptation strategies. OCEANIDS facilitates access to knowledge, data & digital services critical for better understanding and managing climate risks, enhancing adaptive capacities and supporting transformative innovations. In addition, OCEANIDS sees inclusivity as an enabling, and required, factor towards a Blue Economy.


The project has a strong focus on behavioural change, both on individual as well as on a systemic level, enabling participating regions and communities to better understand and use potential social tipping points and systemic leverage points to accelerate transformative changes towards climate resilience. To achieve this, it promotes inclusive and deliberative governance through meaningful engagement and dialogue between citizens and stakeholders. This will be achieved using case-specific tools (i.e. ephemeral social networks) leveraging local citizens assemblies for bottom up deliberation, cultivating a culture of civic en- gagement, thus empowering individuals to take action in their own communities.


Finally, the project will contribute to mobilising sustainable finance and resources towards adaptation at scale and closing climate protection gap.

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