Project phase

  • Promote and Create an Impact
    We work to raise awareness about the project, highlighting its unique attributes and potential benefits. Our goal is to create a significant impact, sparking interest and engagement among the intended audience and stakeholders.


  • Communication and Dissemination Plan & Strategy
    Our team develops a strategy and a detailed dissemination and communication plan. Communication strategy targets key stakeholders, ensuring they are well-informed and involved in the project’s progress. The dissemination strategy covers the purpose of the outreach, the audience, outreach activities, and the process for evaluating the success of the dissemination effort.


  • Branding
    We focus on establishing a strong and consistent brand identity for the project. This encompasses visual elements like logos and colour schemes, as well as messaging that reflects the project’s goals and values.


  • Communication Channels
    We identify the most effective channels for reaching our target audience, which may include social media, newsletters, websites, press releases, and more. Our aim is to optimize visibility and engagement.
  • Content & Material Creation
    Our team produces compelling content and materials to support the project’s communication efforts. This can range from informative posts to engaging videos and infographics.


  • Event Management
    We organize and manage dissemination events and consortium meetings. These events can take many forms, from webinars and workshops to conferences and exhibitions.


  • Lead of Overall Communication & Dissemination Package
    We charge of the entire communication and dissemination package, coordinating all the above elements to ensure a coherent and effective communication and dissemination activities.


  • E-listening & Sentiment Analysis
    We monitor digital channels and gauge public sentiment regarding the project`s topic. This ongoing analysis allows us to adapt and refine our communication and dissemination activities, ensuring that the project remains in tune with stakeholder needs and expectations.
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