The YADES’ network aims to use proper modelling tools and methods, innovative technologies (terrestrial and satellite imaging for wide-area inspection, advanced machine learning techniques, etc.) to deliver an integrated platform for resilience assessment of CH areas, addressing multi-hazard riskunderstanding, better preparedness, faster, adapted and efficient response, and sustainablereconstruction of historic areas.


YADES will take into account the local ecosystems in the areas ofinterest, mapping out their interactions and follow a truly sustainable reconstruction approach attechnical, social, institutional, environmental and economic levels. To this end, it will incorporate activecommunities participation, support new business models based on the concept of a “load-balancing”economy, (using an algorithm that acts like a “reverse proxy”, distributing client traffic across differentcompanies within the same sector) and offer financial risk-transfer tools(parametric insurance, Catastrophe-CAT-bonds) that can ensure the immediate funds’ availability to fuel timely build-back-better efforts.

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