AGORA project is a research and educational programme of doctoral studies which aims to train the next generation of Metaverse researchers and practitioners who will be able to address the ecosystem challenges identified and co-create new knowledge and solutions across sectors and industries. AGORA encapsulates the collaboration between academic and non-academic partners offering cross-disciplinary academic excellence and hands on industrial experience insights.


AGORA will recruit 17 PhD candidates, each of which to receive 3-year fellowship. The students will be part of a European doctoral network of Universities and Industries and will be trained on conducting high-quality research, research exploitation and commercialisation and will receive tailored personal development guidance on different career avenues.


The project started on September 1st, 2023 and will last for 48 months. Dr. Ariana Polyviou, Assistant Professor at the Department of Management and Prof. George Giaglis, Director at the Institute for the Future will coordinate the project.


The project consortium includes: University of Nicosia, Audencia Business School, Durham University, University of Adger, Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Maggioli SPA, Innov-Acts LTD, Unparallel Innovation, Metis Baltic, Future Intelligence, Aegis IT Research, CollegeLink.

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